About the Agency

The Lagos State Agency for Mass Education was established by Edict No. 2 of 31st January 1991. The Agency was established in line with directive from the Federal Government that all states of the Federation should establish Agencies to address the problem of large percentage of illiterates in the population throughout the country.

The National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-formal Education with Headquarters at Abuja co-ordinates the activities of states Agencies.


The Broad objectives of the Agency are:

  • To increase awareness of the importance of literacy and solicit the participation and co-operation of all in the task of making all Nigerians literate.
  • To serve as vehicle for the eradication of illiteracy in the state, especially among the rural dwellers, out of school children etc.
  • To mobilize other social, economic, and political sectors of our public life in the task of eradicating illiteracy within the shortest possible time.
  • To provide avenue for vocational programmes to all people outside the formal school system especially those that will promote rural development in the state.
  • To build on achievements of the literacy programmes through the establishment of continuing education centres and vocational centres.


The two major functions among others are:

  • To plan, implement and monitor all adult and non-formal education activities in the state.
  • To plan, implement and control vocational and Continuing Education Programmes for Adults and Young Persons for the enhancement of integrated rural development.


The thrust of the Agency’s efforts is to stimulate Non-Governmental Organizations, Trade Unions, Co-operatives, and Corporate bodies to get involved in mass literacy programmes through volunteer work.

  • Emphasis is on “Each One Teach One or Fund the Teaching of One”
  • Everyone is expected to be an active agent in the mass literacy campaign either as a teacher; a learner; or a sponsor.


  • Literacy provides personal upliftment
  • Literacy will improve your political, religious, economic, health and social status.
  • Literacy will minimize your being exploited by literate neighbours.