1. Is it legal for the government to regulate the operations of the CEC?


The Lagos State Agency for Mass Education is mandated to control activities of all Continuing Education/ Tutorial Centres in the State accordingto the Lagos State Agency for Mass Education Edict 1990, Section 4 (2, 3).

  1. Has there been proper engagement of all relevant stakeholders? YES

The government has been in talks with all stakeholders since March 2014.

  1. Were they informed of the exercise before its commencement? YES
  • Several meetings were held with the Exco members of the Association of Tutorial School Operators (ATSO).
  • Communications were disseminated to all stakeholders.
  • Press releases were published on all forms of media. (Electronic, print and social media).
  • Officers of the Lagos State Agency for Mass Education paid sensitization visits to the centres in company of the Association members.
  • Demand notices were distributed.
  1. Why is government embarking on this enforcement exercise?

This exercise is:

  • to ensure standards are met in the education sector of the State.
  • to ensure that quality service is provided to the citizens that patronize these centres.
  • to have a comprehensive database of all CECs in the State.
  • to have the full details of the Centre (With their operators and locations)on the official government website
  1. What are the minimum standards?
  • Instructors must be qualified.
  • Centre must follow approved curriculum according to the syllabus of the respective examination bodies.
  • Classrooms must be conducive for learning
  • Adequate safety precautions must be adhered to in the centres
  • Centres must have clean conveniences.


  1. How much is the fee to be paid?
  • Centres conducting training for professional courses like ICAN, NIIT, etc. are to pay N150,000 annually.
  • While Tutorial centres (operating pre-university courses) are to pay N50,000.
  • The feewas reviewed downward for the Tutorial centres from N150,000 annually to N50,000 annually after several pleas from the association.
  1. What do the operators of the centres stand to gain?
  • It allows government necessary data for better planning.
  • Their information will be captured on the database of the State’s approved CECs.
  • Their information will be uploaded on the website of the Lagos State Agency for Mass Education. This provides them public visibility and recognition.
  1. Have some centres complied by getting registered?YES
  • Over 74 centres have already registered.
  1. How to register?
  • The CEC operator is to send a formal applicationto the Lagos State Agency for Mass Education.
  • Officers inspect the facilities of the centre to ascertain compliance to set standards
  • Payment of fee.
  • Collection of approval letter.
  1. How does the agency monitor the operations of the CECs?
  • Zonal officers visit centre on monthly basis in their respective zones.
  • The zonal officers write and send in report to the Agency.