A.  1st March – 1st April


B.  4th – 22nd April


C.  (January – December)

SENSITIZATION & FACTORY CAMPAIGN (Activities to be conducted across the 20/37 LGs/LCDAs)


Statewide Sensitization Campaign


Establishment of Adult Literacy Centre

Throughout the Year Establishment of Adult Literacy Centres in all Libraries. (12)
February Literacy Intervention in Two (2) Blighted Communities.
Monthly Mentoring and Monitoring of all established centres by the CDA/CDC members in every communities.


CBMC meetings.

January – December Airing of Literacy – by – Radio

(Literacy Initiative For Empowerment)

January – December Airing of Literacy programme on Television (LTV 8, MITV, Galaxy, Channels TV etc)
April Literacy Launch for Faith Based Organizations for Networking and Establishment of Centres.
May and November Capacity Building of 250 Facilitators of Basic and Post Literacy Centres on Andragogical Skills in the State.


May and November Meeting with Heads of LGA Administration and HODs Education of the 57 LGAs/LCDAs


March and July One Day Stakeholders Forum with all NGOs involved in Literacy Education delivery in the State. (Twice)
April and August Training of 120 NFE Facilitators on the developed Vocational Education modules in the State (Twice)
June – July Unified Assessment Exercise
July Annual Adult Learners Screening Exercise
August Final Quiz Competition For Adult Learners
8th September International Literacy Day Celebration
September Graduation Ceremony of Adult Learners in the State
November Vocational Graduation Ceremony of Trainees
All through the Year Monitoring And Evaluation of Literacy/Vocational Activities
January to October Radio Jingle on Literacy
Regularly Revenue generation drive through review of payment of annual dues, registration fee and processing fee.
Monthly Effective Monitoring of all existing Continuing Education Centres in the State. 50 Remedial Schools and 110 Private
Regularly Institution of Tast Force to enforce the rules guiding the operation of tutorial centres in the State in collaboration with Officers of the Agency.
November/December Graduation/Empowerment of 591 Vocational Trainees from all Vocational Centres in the States.
April Purchase of Learning Materials for Basic and Post Literacy Programmes.
October Purchase of Vocational Equipment for Agege, Sabo Surulere and Igbo-Oluwo